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Version actuelle : 11001
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Nécessite Android : 11001
Installations : Entre 50 000 et 100 000
Taille : 2,5M
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Google play : PDF Editor


It is an app which you can edit the PDF files. It provide merge and split function. This is a free app, welcome to download!

Sections Introduction:


You can merge two or more PDF files in one.

Open the merge section. Add more than two files into it, and then click the merge file button. The files will be merged in one file. The generated file will be saved in the SD card when it is merged successfully. Open it to check.


This section is for split files which have merged.

The operation is easy, too. Split section is next to merge. Press it to open. You need find the files you want to split. Enter the number in from and to, the number means pages. If you want to split the file which is merged by two one-page files, enter from 1 to 2. And then you can split them just click the split button.

What an easy PDF editor it is!

Please pay attention to the following things:

1. Large files needs longer time to merge and split. Please be patient.

2. Chinese character is not supported. If the files contain some Chinese characters, they will failure to merge and split.

Your files will be merged and split if they were fit into these conditions.

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Screenshots  PDF Editor
Screenshots  PDF Editor
Screenshots  PDF Editor
Screenshots  PDF Editor
Screenshots  PDF Editor
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Taille: 2,5M